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This is a wine grape gaining a huge, almost cult following. It is named after the World War I French General, Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch, and was developed in Alsace, France by a grape hybridizer Eugene Kuhlmann. The red grape is officially known as Kuhlmann 1882. It's a cross of Goldriesling and an American Vitis Riparia-Vitis Rupestris vine. Two interesting things of note are that Marechal Foch is resistant to Phylloxera and it is classified as a Teinturier, meaning that this dark skinned grape has red rather than the white pulp found in most grapes. As a result, Marechal Foch has an intense deep ruby to purple color. Legend has it that Marechal Foch was aptly named due to the amount of blood spilled on "Field Marshall" Foch's account by having allied soldiers charge into battle. Our wine is richly colored, offering an earthy nose similar to Merlot with a good balance between acid and tannin. Marechal Foch is not an overpowering heavy red wine. It is quite jammy, fruit forward and very drinkable with a smooth, slightly spicy finish. Flavors such as cranberry, cherry, raspberries, and even chocolate come out. This wine is a nice alternative if you are looking for something unusual and different to try. In the summertime it even works well as a chilled red. It also looks most impressive when swirling your glass at a little soiree.

Marechal Foch 2020 vintage

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