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Tempranillo or "Tinta Roriz" is one of the main grapes used on the production of Port. The history of Port can be traced back to the 17th century as wines were shipped via the Dutch trade ships to England. In 1678, England declared war on France, thus creating an instant embargo of the highly desired French wines. Since Britain had already developed merchant trade with their ally Portugal, the British instantly became more dependent on Portuguese wines. The only problem faced by the British shipping merchants was that the Portuguese wines were inferior to the sought after French wines. Thin & watery to overly astringent pretty much summed up the quality or lack thereof for the wines of Portugal. The British began to oversee the wine production and the Portuguese wine quality slowly improved. As wines were being prepared to ship, a bucket or two of brandy was added to each barrel to stabilize the wine. Nobody really knows when Port was born but sometime during the late 1600's to early 1700, someone decided to stop the fermentation with brandy while the wine was still fruity, sweet, and strong. Since then, Ports have gained recognition and the identity that makes them unique to the Douro Valley of Portugal. Styles such as Ruby, Tawny, Colheita, Single Quinta, and Vintage now characterize the production of Ports. 

Even though the Port label is specifically designated to the wines of the Duoro Valley, there are several "Port Style" wines being produced worldwide. These may be referred to as dessert or fortified wines. Our Tempranillo was harvested in late September and aged 20 months in French Oak similar to the traditional vintage ports. The residual sugar is 8% and the alcohol content is 18%. Sweet, fruity & strong… creating a distinct after dinner aperitif. Classic pairings with port include Stilton cheese, toasted walnuts, berry desserts, dark chocolate and even bon-bons. Due to our limited production, this wine will only be available in small quantities to our wine club and directly through the winery. 

Tempranillo Vintage Dessert Wine 2020

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